Receiving a group of enthusiastic tourists, from various regions in Germany, is always a pleasure.

First they received a practical and on-site talk about our terroir, soil management, water and, of course, the vines, all in their own language and given by Miguel Besoaín.

Then we moved to the Winemaking Room, where a toast awaited them, and where we could make everybody understand and appreciate the stages and elements involved of transforming a grape raisin into the best of wines.

Finally, in the Barrel Room they were able to taste our reds and we were surprised with a spontaneous presentation of a capella choir by our guests. Without a doubt, the excitement of the moment and the energy emanating will have brought a special touch to the wine aging in the barrels. It is a pity that we were so absorbed by the experience that we forgot to record the visit to share it with you!