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We are dedicated to producing one Cabernet Sauvignon wine with authentic Maipo Andes Terroir. Its personality reflects the symbiosis of the vineyard, seasonal conditions, and human craftsmanship.

The winery and vineyard are located on a terrace 650 meters above sea level and southeast of the Maipo river in the Los Morros region of Maipo Andes, 40 minutes from the heart of Santiago.

OUR Story

Miguel Besoain was born and raised in Chile. He studied enology in Europe, graduating from the University of Burgundy in 2003. He spent ten years working on some of the top vineyards throughout France and Germany. In 2010, Miguel returned to Chile with his wife Alexandra and their children to continue a project that Miguel’s father had begun in 1990 when he planted vineyards on the family’s land in Maipo Andes. Since Miguel’s return, the family has built a premier, family owned and operated winery on the estate. After many years of producing acclaimed wines, the family was ready to release their first estate wine with the 2015 vintage – Besoain. The grapes only come from their estate for this wine, which is recognized as having some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon terroir in the world.

All steps of production are done on their grounds, which allows Miguel to guarantee complete responsibility and quality control for each and every step of the process – from the cultivations of the vineyard, to the wine making, right to the delivery of the wine to the final customer. The grapes are hand harvested at the optimal moment of grape maturity, then crushed and fermented following traditional European methods, while utilizing the most modern technology available in small-scale production to ensure quality. Furthering quality, the wines are neither clarified nor filtered. The entire process, to the final labelling is done on the estate. Even more, because of Miguel’s previous forestry and winery experiences, he also manages the barrel production. He chooses the French Oak, selects the staves, steams, and finally toasts each barrel.

At Besoain, we believe no wine should be forced into the market in haste. On the contrary, we allow the wine a second “rest period” in the bottle after barrel aging before the wine is released to the market.

All of the theses elements allow each and every vintage of Besoain to bring forth its own distinctive character.


The vineyards grow on a unique terrace above the Maipo River at 650 meters above sea level. The first vineyards were planted in 1989 and the vines have an average age of 30 years. 90% of our vineyards are Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% are Carménère and 2% are Petit Verdot. The semiarid Mediterranean climate is responsible for stable and optimum weather conditions, with lots of sunshine to allow optimal ripening. We utilize drip irrigation and purify our own water for the cellar processes, taking care of and being efficient in the use of this vital resource. Winds coming down the Maipo River from the Andes Mountains keep the vines dry and allow the grapes to cool at night. All of these conditions make the use of pesticides unnecessary.

The soil is mainly colluvial, which comes from the bordering hills in the south. In addition, stony patches appear in varying amounts and depths in different parts of the vineyard. These alluvial soils come from terraces that were once part of the Maipo river bed. These elements and the complex history of our soil results in many different micro-terroirs, which allows us to carry out many separate micro-vinifications – harvesting and aging are carried out separately to ensure the optimal final blend.


Harvesting Medals 2021

Harvesting Medals 2021

Harvesting Medals 2021 Presenting BESOAIN CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2016 to prestigious contests and achieving worldwide recognition: It takes dedicated work, commencing in the vineyard, then harvesting by hand selecting the grapes, caring for each and every stage of the...

It´s harvesting time

It´s harvesting time

The second most important and crucial stage in the making of a wine is about to commence: It´s harvesting time. Inspection of our Cabernet Sauvignon in Los Morros, Buin, indicates that it is already at its point just as we want it: maturity, sugar, intense color,...

Der Winzer visited us on their tour of Chile’s Wine Valleys

Der Winzer visited us on their tour of Chile’s Wine Valleys

In the early morning, avoiding the heat and appreciating the continuous breeze that runs through the Cajón del Maipo, the team of the exclusive Austrian publication that specializes in viticulture and wines, Der Winzer (www.der-winzer.at),visited us on their tour of...



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